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The Professional Women's Exchange Group of Houston

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February's Secret Pal 'Reveal' Meeting

Thursday, February 6, 2020
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

(Please arrive early for socializing so we can begin the meeting promptly at 11:30)

Houston Racquet Club
10709 Memorial
Houston, TX  77024 


Greetings from The President

Kathy Garza's
February 2020
President's Message

Valentine's day is the holiday of romantic love, but it's also a good time to acknowledge any important people in your life.  You can use encouraging words for your friend. You may want to express gratitude for the good qualities of your friendship. Think about the qualities of the person you are writing toward, and include an inside joke to make your message really shine.

I leave you this quote:  “All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” (Charles Schulz)  I think our friends are pretty important!  Share your love with your friends this month of Love.

Cheers…Good Friends!


Your 2020 Leadership Team

Position  Name


Kathy Garza


Nancy Wilfong


Emily Forsythe


Jane Lehto

Pam Moore


Suzy Barbee

Rebecca Maddux


Brenda Bowers
Marilyn Drane

Website Admin

Sandra Crook


Eva Geer

President Elect

Bobbie Horne

Past President

Arnetta Meekins

Question Mark - Feb
Wondering Who your 'Secret Pal' is???

Don't miss February's meeting where secret pals will be revealed.  What a fun month of receiving all of the 'hints' to one's secret pal and allowing members the opportunity to get to know each other better!  


February 2020 - Secret Pals


How to Play

© Do -

Send something to your secret pal every week until the next meeting.

Send notes, cards and give some clue to your identity each time.

Be creative - find out about your pal and her interests and activities.

Bring a small gift to the February meeting with a clue to your identity.

      (Do not put your name on the gift)

Send your gift with someone else if you find that you cannot attend in   


Use your sense of humor and creativity and have fun.

© Don’t -

Wait until the last week to send something - your pal could feel

       rejected or neglected.


Spend over $25 including gift and cards - it is creativity that

       counts.  Shop at the Dollar store or make your own card.


Participate unless you really want to & will be able to attend the

        February meeting.


Tell anyone who your pal is unless you need help - keep everyone


IMPORTANT:  Effective 2020 ~ You can indicate your 'special' meals needs when you register for the meeting!!!!

Remember if you ordered a 'special meal' to advise the wait staff at HRC so that everyone gets their special orders met.

This is now our fourth year using the website to register for meetings and other events.  Since we are documenting the steps to illustrate how to select your food options, this may be a good time to get full participation of online registration.  If you have not yet stepped out to try to register on the website, we will be providing the below step-by-step instructions to try to get 100% web registration by end of June 2020!  If you need further help, please reach out to Marilyn Drane or Brenda Bowers. 

Thank you, Sandra Crook, for setting up this options page for our membership.

If you cannot read any of the photos below, click on the 'High Resolution' arrow at the bottom of photo to enlarge it on your screen.

Step 1:  You are on the home page now.  Go to the top menu bar and select 'Event Calendar'.  Select Event in 'blue'; i.e February PWEG Meeting




February Birthdays

Linda Whittington
Emily Forsythe


                                     Thank You's 
In addition to allowing time periodically throughout the year for formal 'thank you's' to our members, the communications team will also offer a monthly opportunity for you to share your Thank You's so they will be received timely.  This will be done for members only and a reminder will be sent with the monthly e-mail to notify of the meetings; and then your Thank You's will be included in the 'reminder'e-mail for that month's meetings as a link.  Please send your Thank You's to Brenda Bowers and Marilyn Drane for this purpose.

                  MEMBER ACTIVITIES

January Members' Only Meeting

Marilyn's Mom is asking that she post this photo to the PWEG website as a lesson for others (!)

This may make you want to consider becoming "President" - Arnetta's wonderful gift in appreciation for her 2019 Leadership



The Professional Women’s Exchange Group of Houston provides women an opportunity to promote their business.  Our purpose is to offer support both personally and professionally through the exchange of ideas, friendship, and the sharing of resources.