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The Professional Women's Exchange Group of Houston

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Members' Networking Hour"
Thursday, October 3, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

(socializing 11:00 - 11:30 - please come early!)

Houston Racquet Club
10709 Memorial
Houston, TX  77024 

Greetings from The President


Arnetta Meekins'
August 2019
President's Message

What’s your greatest anticipation for the month of October? Is it the harvest leaves, Halloween candy or pumpkin spice everything? For me, It is the realization that October is National Women’s Small Business Month. (Yes, they have a month for everything.) There are over 10 million women owned business in the United States with an economic impact of $3 Trillion! The Huffington Post reports that we are credited with creating and maintaining over 23 million US jobs and THAT, my friends, is GIRL POWER! . So whether you’re the president of your company or the CEO of your home, this is YOUR season. October is your time to shine.


Your 2019 Leadership Team

Position  Name


Arnetta Meekins


Pam Moore

Lori Thompson


Emily Forsythe


Vicki Martin

Carole Alm


Mary Holmgren

Suzy Barbee


Brenda Bowers
Marilyn Drane

Website Admin

Sandra Crook


Eva Geer

President Elect

Kathy Garza

Past President

Rebecca Maddux



October Meeting-
Q &A Opportunity to Get Your Questions Asked from our Group of Professionals

The photo of the little girl above is in conjunction with the October meeting. . . As you may recall from the September meeting, Pam Moore 'took on' the Board's concerns of our members respecting our speakers by not talking among ourselves while they were presenting, and she spoke to the membership in this regard.  During the August board meeting, several board members expressed their embarrassment over how discourteous we, as a group, were to our outside speaker by talking during her presentation.  Pam volunteered to bring this topic up at the September meeting and as part of the 'Programs Committee', she and Lori decided to dedicate a monthly meeting to members being able to talk to one another by having a 'Question and Answer' session for you to ask questions of your fellow members.

So what we are going to do is; ask members who have questions that they need an answer to – business, personal, whatever; and just talk since that is what everyone seems to want to do.

If you already have a specific question of a specific member, please reply to the meeting invitation e-mail letting Brenda Bowers know what your question is, and she will get it to the programs committee so that these can be addressed first.

         New Member Recruitment Contest!!!

What: Membership Recruitment Drive

When: From now until the end of 2019

How: Get the most new members to join our club. The normal membership rules apply (must visit 3 meetings, only 1 person per industry, etc.)

Why: We need to grow AND the winning member gets a free quarter of dues ($100 value) applied to the first quarter 2020 dues.

The social committee is working on arrangements for our PWEG annual Holiday Party.  Please save the date; Memorial City Churrasco's Private Room; additional details to follow.

         September Birthdays


Elaine Ousley-Nevarez
Mary Chavanne Holmgren
Kaitlyn Sharp
Pam Moore
Deb Schindler Boltinghouse






                                 Thank You's 
As we discussed at January's Members Only meeting, in addition to allowing time periodically throughout the year for formal 'thank you's' to our members, the com-munications team will also offer a monthly opportunity for you to share your Thank You's so they will be received timely.  This will be done for members only and a reminder will be sent with the monthly e-mail to notify of the meetings; and then your Thank You's will be included in the 'reminder'e-mail for that month's meetings as a link.  Please send your Thank You's to Brenda Bowers and Marilyn Drane for this purpose.

If you are interested in having your business card published here each month for all who access the website to view, please send a copy of your business card to the Com-munications Team - Brenda Bowers and Marilyn Drane.  Your card will be published on a first-come, first-serve basis for the remainder of the year.  The cost is $100 and needs to be paid (not eligible to be paid on the website) to Emily Forsythe, our Treasurer.


                  MEMBER ACTIVITIES

September's Meeting - Communications, Computers and Cloud! 

Deb Schindler Boultingouse was our member presenter for September's meeting.  In addition to Deb, she brought along two of her associates as she describes below:

One of our speakers will be Luke Burgess-he is a very sharp and successful A&M grad who has been with us over 6 years.  He is going to talk about some of our customers and why they have purchased this technology from us-what benefits it has provided them. Josh Swenson is a great salesperson who understands technology very well – he and Luke have much in common. Josh is our lead contact from the manufacture and I wanted him to explain the product to you  as well.  I  will talk about keeping your company current and how that should be on going and what that can look like.

See their respective photos below:





The Professional Women’s Exchange Group of Houston provides women an opportunity to promote their business.  Our purpose is to offer support both personally and professionally through the exchange of ideas, friendship, and the sharing of resources.