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The Professional Women's Exchange Group of Houston

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April's Meeting will be Virtual
April's Retreat has been Cancelled


April 'VIRTUAL' Monthly Meeting

Thursday, April 2, 2020
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Our April Meeting will be a 'Virtual Meeting' via Zoom 


(See specific instructi
ons below and wait for an e-mail to follow from Rebecca Maddux)


Greetings from The President

Kathy Garza's
April 2020
President's Message

This was Kathy's message to the Board before our meeting on Thursday, 3/19/20.  We thought it was very insightful and inspirational and wanted to share:

Good afternoon all,


In thinking more of Thursday’s meeting and what has transpired over the last week……….


As every day is changing rapidly, and while I feel calm most of the time, I have felt anxious with all the news on Coronavirus which can be nerve wracking to say the least.  I know you all have probably been feeling the same way.


Within our business some of our clients are being hit extremely hard financially very quickly and facing their own financial fear, overwhelm and layoffs of their employees.  What is happening is unchartered grounds for all of us locally, nationwide and globally. 


Our phones have been eerily quiet during this time.  I started to receive calls today from some of our clients that they may not be able to pay their premiums for the health insurance.  My heart goes out to each one of our clients as well as you all listed on this email and our own PWEG members.


What I have been reflecting on is the sudden impact this has had for so many and will affect all of us going forward.  We have a restaurant client that owns 3 Mexican restaurants up in Conroe.  He does not have any type of in dining business right now due to the ban and rightfully very worried.  Harvey is going up there to help support and give him some ideas we were all thinking about.  Since he no longer can have anyone in the dining room, why don’t you take some tables outside, sell a few of your most popular items at a reasonable price, give away free chips/queso or free dessert or a gift card.   Start a business Facebook page and post when the meals will be available, the freebie and the price that you can boost and reach to everyone in Conroe telling them what is going on at your restaurant.  Maybe this helps.


I am thinking that we all will be relying on each other either personally and/or professionally in order to not get “mentally stuck” with all the news going on.  Yes, going forward this is forcing us to do things differently and use our compassion for others who will need it and creativeness to form different but viable forms of business opportunities for all.  It may be more technology based, it may be something completely different than the normal way of doing business but I still believe strongly we will make it stronger than ever before.


As we approach this Thursday for our board meeting I would like to go thru board reports a little more quickly – maybe even postpone some long term decisions until May board meeting.  Immediate Business to discuss is cancelling April meeting and  probably postpone our retreat.  Most importantly this Thursday would be to discuss our members as they are impacted either personally or professionally.   I would like to direct some of our thoughts, discussion and would love everyone’s ideas on how to best support each one of our members during this time.


Thank you 2020 Board – you all are the best and I am blessed.  I look forward to talking with you all Thursday.


Your 2020 Leadership Team

Position Name


Kathy Garza

Programs Nancy Wilfong


Emily Forsythe

 Social Jane Lehto
Pam Moore


Suzy Barbee

Rebecca Maddux


Brenda Bowers
Marilyn Drane

Website Admin

Sandra Crook


Eva Geer

President Elect

Bobbie Horne

Past President

Arnetta Meekins

                     2020 Programs

Month Title Of Program Speaker Speaker Info
January Business Meeting No Speaker
February Secret Pals Revealed
No Speaker
March A D Players
Jake Speck Exec. Director
April Social Distancing - Virtual Meeting   President
May 'Your Cup of Tea' Venue Cindi Salas Owner
July Networking Program Pat Hogan-Korge/   Donna Fisher PWEG Members
September (pending)UH Law School Speaker (Trisha Hughes)
October Highway Construction in Houston Public Information Officer (Linda Kay)
November Gratitude Pastor Vickie Simons United Methodist Church
December Holiday Party TBD  

  April - VIRTUAL 'Zoom' Meeting this Month

Ladies:  We held our Board Meeting this month via Zoom.  Rebecca Maddux is the computer geek extraordinaire, and she was able to get us all connected.  (Some via video and some just called in ~ either way, we were all able to participate).

So, in the interest of continuity for the Group and for the opportunity to stay in touch with our members, we are going to try  this same functionality for April's Monthly Meeting due to social distancing requirements in effect at this time.

Shortly after the monthly meeting invite is sent on Monday,  March 23, 2020 and the final reminder sent on Monday, March 30, 2020, Rebecca Maddux will be sending you an invite for the Zoom Meeting she will be setting up for us.  

You will only need to 'accept' or 'decline' this Zoom invitation once!  

At 11:15 a.m. on the meeting day, April 2, 2020, please start to log in to the meeting by following these instructions:

Note:  If this is difficult to read, please click on the High_Resolution_Arrow_1087447865.jpg in bottom right-hand corner of instructions:





Many thanks to Melodie Dudley for hosting such a specatcular event at Salon Sky in March for our group.  An incredible hostess and a wonderful venue.  Many of us even got to purchase some great Aveda products!  Thank you!!!!!

        April Birthdays

Mary Jane Roeder


Karen Botzong


 Martha Groth  27th
 Donna Fisher  29th


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The Professional Women’s Exchange Group of Houston provides women an opportunity to promote their business.  Our purpose is to offer support both personally and professionally through the exchange of ideas, friendship, and the sharing of resources.