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6-18-20  I want to share with you what an exceptional massage therapist Arnetta Meekins of Totally You is!  I have used Arnetta for several years now; but with the Covid-19 shutdown, I had gone over three months without a massage.  Needless to say, after having routine massages, I was in dire need of a massage when we were finally able to go back for massages.  Due to my age,  I have been very careful about social distancing and the like.  Arnetta made me feel very safe and relaxed in making the leap back into massage.  She took my temperature, had disinfected the room with CDC Virus-approved disinfectant (takes 10 full minutes) and provided hand sanitizer upon entry/exit.  She wore a mask the entire time of the massage.  I have now been back twice to see her from Galveston.  I was in need of a massage, it took her two times to finally get to all of the places that needed attention due to being away from massage for so long.  Hopefully, now, we can get back on track and continue the care for which my body had become accustomed.  Thank you so much for your caring and healing, Arnetta!      ~Brenda Bowers

7-23-20  - Several times over the last 8 or so years I have called upon Sue Levine to do moves for my clients.  Every time Sue is immediately on it!


The first time was the most difficult.  It was for a lady in a motorized wheelchair who was a major hoarder.  Her son was financially exploiting her and her funds were quickly drying up, so her attorney said it was time for her to move out of her home into Assisted Living.  The client refused to stage items to take with her to her new home, so we had to arrange for everything to be moved into storage.  Sue's team was courteous and respectful, dealing with a mountain of items to be moved.  I was on site trying to negotiate with the client, who had positioned herself by the pool and thrusting her trusty rake at me.  At least I could be a decoy while they did their work.  


A more recent move was for a lady in Independent Living in a residential community, moving to the Assisted Living side.  Sue's team showed up ... on time, fully prepared.  They worked efficiently and quietly, following my direction.  The client's daughter was on site with me and was fully impressed with the professionalism of Sue's team.


Marilyn Drane