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The Professional Women's Exchange Group of Houston

Interested in becoming a Member of PWEG?
Please contact us through the tab at the top, Membership Qualifications. you know who your
secret pal is yet??? 
Don't forget to try to figure it out
for our February Meeting.  

February Meeting, Thursday, February 7, 2019
11:00 - 11:30 Networking
11:30 - 1p Meeting
Houston Racquet Club, 10709 Memorial, Houston, TX
(Hey Ladies:  Don't forget to arrive at 11:00 for networking!!!)

Greetings from The President


Arnetta Meekins'
Feruary 2019
President's Message


Love can be said in any language and expressed  in many different ways. February is known to many as the month of love but is often associated with a romantic type of love. I’ve decided not to put limits on the love I share. I invite you to try the same. Consider showing some extra love to your staff, co-workers, even vendors. What does that expression look like for you? Do you think it would be received with shock, embarrassment, or love in return? At any rate, I’ll bet you’ll receive joy from GIVING more love.

That’s Amore!


Your 2019 Leadership Team

Position  Name


Arnetta Meekins


Pam Moore

Lori Thompson


Emily Forsythe


Vicki Martin

Carole Alm


Mary Holmgren

Suzy Barbee


Brenda Bowers
Marilyn Drane

Website Admin

Sandra Crook


Eva Geer

President Elect

Kathy Garza

Past President

Rebecca Maddux

February Meeting - 'Connect' with your Secret Pal

Secret Pal is where you send cards or notes or something to your Pal to give them clues about who you are; then at this meeting we will each tell something that your Pal did for you and do you know who that person is – you might want to bring them a gift ($25 limit).   We did this many years and everyone loved the experience.

Please scroll through this newsletter as a lot of new information has been added for your reading pleasure.


JANUARY                BIRTHDAYS
(Sorry you were left off last month)

Arnetta Meekins           25th
Eva Geer                      31st   

Cheryl Wooten       3rd
Sue Levine             9th
Linda Whittington  15th
Emily Forsythe       28th

                MEMBER NEWS/ARTICLES  

Sandra Crook, Life Member, HLSR, joined in 1992, Appointed to the Board of Directors in 2018. 


Junior Market Poultry Auction – This committee is responsible for securing purchase com-mitments from buyers for all broilers and turkeys that earn a spot in the poultry auction above the Show guarantee. Additionally, the committee sells poultry purchase orders, organizes the Poultry Auction Breakfast and assists with the Junior Market Poultry Auction.  This year makes 27 years Sandra has served as Captain and 15 years as Vice Chairman.  Sandra started a buying group with Pam Moore 10 years ago; and in 2018, the group reached the $100,000 donation mark.  Plaques rewarding this tremendous feat will be awarded at the Gala in January.


Trailblazer Committee - The Trailblazer Committee hosts the annual Trailblazer Honoree Luncheon and Fashion Show, which recognizes outstanding female volunteers of the Show.  The Trailblazers also sponsor  Ladies' Night Out, a legendary event at the Chairman's Club, where guests are indulged with food, fun and entertainment during the Show. The Trailblazers are committed to promoting literacy through Rodeo ROPES (Reading Opens the Path to Education Success), by collecting and distributing books to low-income, elementary school-aged children.  Sandra served on this committee 11 years, as Chairman from 2009-2011.


Sandra's goal is to continue working to raise scholarship money for the youth of Texas!  Last year the Show gave out $9,000,000 to this effort.

Ladies:  This is something we should all be proud of . . .We raised about 900.00 dollars for the firefighters cause on Autism during the 2018 Holiday Luncheon.  Congratulations!!

                                                  Thank You's
As we discussed at January's Members Only meeting, in addition to allowing time periodically throughout the year for formal 'thank you's' to our members, the com-munications team will also offer a monthly opportunity for you to share your Thank You's so they will be received timely.  This will be done for members only and a reminder will be sent with the monthly e-mail to notify of the meetings; and then your Thank You's will be included in the 'reminder'e-mail for that month's meetings as a link.  Please send your Thank You's to Brenda Bowers and Marilyn Drane for this purpose.
Don't forget Valentine's Day, Thursday, 
February 14!!!

If you are interested in having your business card published here each month for all who access the website to view, please send a copy of your business card to the Com-munications Team - Brenda Bowers and Marilyn Drane.  Your card will be published on a first-come, first-serve basis for the remainder of the year.  The cost is $100 and needs to be paid (not eligible to be paid on the website) to Emily Forsythe, our Treasurer.


February 2019 Secret Pals Revealed - A Wonderful Time was had by All!!!  

Cheryl Wooten
Deb Schindler


The Professional Women’s Exchange Group of Houston provides women an opportunity to promote their business.  Our purpose is to offer support both personally and professionally through the exchange of ideas, friendship, and the sharing of resources.